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Preemie Clothes for Boys and Girls

My Miracle noticed that there was a tremendous need for well made preemie clothing and preemie gifts at affordable prices. When preemie babies are born, people rush out and pay just about anything for these tiny products, mostly because they aren't prepared for their sudden arrival. And we don't want to take advantage of that--not ever.  SO we offer fair and affordable clothes for these tiny miracles of early arrivals and treat these customers and their preemie babies with the extra special care they deserve. And as these preemie grow and thrive, I hope they continue to shop for more brand name and designer baby clothing until they outgrow us!

Products specially designed for Preemies

Sometimes going for shopping for your preemies is never easy. Once these new arrivals are received, most parents find themselves shopping for the inappropriate clothes. Our site is designed and committed to solve this problem for you in a very easy way and make your preemie grow healthy and comfortably. Preemies have special needs and we have products designed just for them. Our preemie clothing products provide support and comfort for your newborn.

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Our site has all the clothing products that are designed specifically for preemies. Some of these collections include preemie clothes, preemie girl gowns, preemie boy gowns, preemie caps and booties, twin preemies, preemie onesies, among others. We are committed to bringing parents, family, and care-givers of these little miracles our valuable resources, and continue to research and promote the products to help your little one thrive! ! Our clothing selection is for babies that start at 3 pounds and go through 6 pounds.

Preemie Baby Tips

When you go shopping for preemies clothes, ensure that your purchased products will fit your preemie well, they will provide enough warmth to maintain the preemie’s temperature and that they are worthy your money. For us to ensure that we have the best selection, we have consulted extensively with neonatal nurses and parents of premature babies so as to provide products that definitely meet the needs of these babies.

  • Extra warmth is important for preemies to maintain their body temperature. Be sure to provide layers for warmth and use 100% combed cotton for extra softness.

  • Preemie Baby’s clothing should fit just right--usually designed to fit babies 3-5 pounds.

  • Best Buy - Preemie snap-front gown with cap with a closed bottom on gown to keep baby’s legs and feet warm and snuggly and a cap to provide extra warmth for baby’s head.

  • Remember it is important to be able to access monitors so purchase items that will accommodate. Sleepers and cap set provides extra warmth to maintain baby’s body temperature and the sleeper has easy front opening and snaps down both legs for a gentler way of changing delicate babies.

  • Onesies® and snap-side shirts are great layering pieces to also help with maintaining baby’s temperature. The expandable neck openings slip easily and gently over baby’s head.

Preemie Clothes

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